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May 22 2013

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ever since seeing this post i’ve been singing “Bees in the cat, be-bees in the cat”

May 17 2013

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4 new starlets now in the shop!!!  Natalie, Sofia, Aubrey, Zooey (revisited), & Beyoncé

S6 is offering free shipping today, May 16, maybe even through the weekend!

The Beyonce.

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Got my nips pierced today, one of my life achievements. c:

That’ll pass :-) Congrats!

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Again, pierced nipples do it for me

May 11 2013

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don’t forget to share share share

don’t let the media forget about kiera!


May 10 2013

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On April 22, 16-year-old Kiera Wilmot was arrested at her Polk County high school for conducting a routine science experiment. No one was hurt and there was no property damage. The teen, who has no criminal history and maintained good grades, suddenly found herself trapped in Florida’s insidious school to prison pipeline; which has continually funneled primarily youth of color out of Florida’s schools and into the criminal justice system.

TAKE ACTION to ensure Kiera does not become another casualty of the school to prison pipeline.

Sign the petition: http://signon.org/sign/superintendent-stewart

Spread the word!

March 11 2013

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December 31 2012

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Avocado Hummus AKA Guacammus

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December 30 2012

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